Presenting: Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's Horniest PDA Moments

Remember that couple in middle school that literally wouldn’t stop making out in front of your locker, under every available bleacher, and dangerously close to the bunsen burners in chemistry class? Yeah, well they grew up, bought out the entire contents of a local Hot Topic, and morphed into Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker.

While Kourtney and Travis tried to keep their relationship private for approximately five minutes, they quickly pivoted to the whole “tattooing names next to nipples, touching tongues on red carpets, feeling each other up at family get togethers” phase of their relationship. In other words, the PDA has been extreme and we’re here to round up the horniest moments in no particular order—including the multiple times Kourtney sucked on Travis’s fingers, lol, help.

When Travis Grabbed Kourtney’s Boob at Kris Jenner’s Birthday Party

Nothing says “now’s a good time to grab my fiancée’s breast” like a party celebrating her mom, right?!?!?!?

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When They Made Out on a Boat in Italy

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Someone please check in on Scott Disick, thx.

Whey They Made Out in the Studio

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Tag yourself, I’m Machine Gun Kelly awkwardly standing there in the background.

When Travis Revealed He “Wants Kourtney’s Skull”

Normal thing to post during one’s trip to Disneyland, nothing to see here, Mickey Mouse is totally fine.

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When They Frenched at Their Family Dinner

To be fair, they were celebrating their engagement, a truly horny time for everyone involved.

KRAVIS FOREVER 💍 @kourtneykardash @travisbarker

When They Inhaled Each Other in Portofino

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Imagine being on vacation in Italy with your family, innocently passing by on a boat, and seeing Kourt and Trav doing this whole thing out in the wild.

When Travis Slapped Kourtney’s Butt at the Beach

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Look at her smile! This is legit the cutest.

When They Made Out Next to Some Traumatized Scarecrows

Genuinely not sure what the scariest part of this photo is.

When They Touched Tongues at the VMAs

Putting the public in public display of affection, ya know?

When They Made Out at the UFC Fight

Like, some poor cameraman just wanted them to say hi and then this happened:

The hottest ticket in town! 🔥🎟️@TravisBarker, @KourtneyKardash & @JustinBieber just some of the stars shining at #UFC264!

And speaking of things that happened…

When This Happened

If you recall, the internet broke and is still pretty much fractured.

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When Travis Held Onto Kourt’s Butt for Insta

He did it for the ‘gram! And by “it,” I mean our dude uploaded a series of posts during his and Kourtney’s romantic trip to Utah, including a NSFW video of himself holding Kourtney’s butt while taking a boat ride (as ya do).

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When Kourtney Sucked Travis’s Thumb

Fortunately, this video is buried deep inside this Instagram carousel. Please only watch it if your eyes can handle the sight of Travis’s entire thumb going inside Kourtney’s mouth.

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I’m not okay!

When Travis Uploaded This Photo

Oh. Kay.

When Travis Made It Clear They Have Sex

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Like. We get it. You two do it.

When Travis Sucked Kourtney’s Fingers

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Literally have so many questions, first and foremost Y?

When They Made Out in a Bathroom Stall

Your double dates could never!!!!

I mean, that’s about it for now, but something tells us we’ll be adding to this as Kourtney and Travis enjoy their engagement and eventually get married. Like, if these two don’t make out for up to ten minutes at the alter while Hulu’s entire camera team films them, I’ll be loosing several bets, that’s all I’m saying. So on that note, see you back here soon!

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