Prince Harry & Prince William Shut Down ‘False Story’ About Their Relationship In Rare Joint Statement

Prince Harry and Prince William are slamming rumors that trouble in their relationship is what led to Harry and Meghan wanting to step down from royal life. The brothers issued a joint statement to address the ‘false story.’

“Despite clear denials, a false story ran in a UK newspaper today speculating about the relationship between The Duke of Sussex and The Duke of Cambridge,” Prince Harry and Prince William said in a joint statement on Jan. 13. “For brothers who care so deeply about the issues surrounding mental health, the use of inflammatory language in this way is offensive and potentially harmful.” The statement did not reference the article directly, but it is believed to be about a report that claimed that the pair have a ‘strained’ relationship because William has not been friendly to Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle.

Ever since Harry and Meghan shockingly announced that they would be stepping down from their ‘senior’ royal duties and moving to North America on Jan. 8, there has been much speculation about what sparked the decision. William and his wife, Kate Middleton, have not issued a public statement on Harry and Meghan’s news. However, William reportedly told a friend, “All we can do, and all i can do, is try to support them and hope that the time comes when we’re all singing from the same page. I want everyone to play on the team…I’ve put my arm around my brother all our lives, and I can’t do that anymore. I’m sad about that.”

Other members of the Royal Family were reportedly blindsided by Harry and Meghan’s decision to announce their move when they did. Queen Elizabeth II released the following statement on Jan. 8: “Discussions with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are at an early stage. We understand their desire to take a different approach, but these are complicated issues that we will take time to work through.”

The Queen will be having a face-to-face talk with Harry, William and Prince Charles to discuss Harry and Meghan’s future on Jan. 13. Harry is currently in England to deal with the fallout of his announcement, while Meghan has returned to Canada, where the pair’s child, Archie, has been staying since the family of three spent the holidays there.

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