Prince William, Kate Middleton Struggle on Bikes During Spin Class to Promote Mental Health

William and Kate are in serious need of some Lululemon … because they look ridiculous in their business attire as they peddle furiously at a fitness center.

The Prince and Princess hit up the Aberavon Leisure & Fitness Centre for a worthy purpose — showing how exercise can benefit mental health.

That said, they both hopped on bikes during a spinning class and showed what they got … for a grand total of 45 seconds. They both looked like they were going to pass out.

Kate was dressed in a jumper and skirt, choosing heels over tennis shoes.  William was in his go-to suit and tie.

William looked exhausted at the end of the ride, as others in the class ignored the obvious and gave them a hearty round of applause.

The couple competed against each other, and in the end, Kate was the victor … winning a tiny gold trophy. 🏆

BUT … it was all for a good cause and they had to know they’d get clowned.

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