Princess Anne will be a key confidante to her brother, King Charles III

Princess Anne was her parents’ only daughter, and she was exceptionally close to both of her parents. I feel like Anne is going through it – she is probably extremely drained and deeply grieving. Anne and Charles were apparently the only two family members who got to see Queen Elizabeth before she passed away. Charles flew back to London the next day, but Anne remained in Balmoral. On Sunday, she traveled with her mother’s coffin to Edinburgh, and she will also be the only royal traveling with QEII for the flight from Edinburgh to London. So much responsibility falls on the only daughter. Speaking of, apparently King Charles III has plans to make Anne one of his closest advisors. Makes sense – Charles and Anne have always been very close, and he trusts her completely.

As Charles III grapples with his new role, Princess Anne has emerged as a key confidante to the new King. Alongside his mother, she has been a mainstay in his life – and insiders say they are closer now than ever. They were born just 21 months apart and grew up the closest of the siblings – both were teenagers by the time their parents’ third child Prince Andrew started primary school.

Inevitably, given the Royal Family’s protected environment, they forged a special bond above and beyond those that followed with their younger brothers. They are known to revel in each other’s company, sharing the same sense of humour, love of the countryside and affection for all things Scottish. Yet, in adulthood, Anne has also respected their different roles and her elder brother’s constitutional destiny. The brother-sister banter common in so many families has, in her case, been underpinned by a quiet respect.

Now Charles, as was once the case with his mother, is an inexperienced Monarch in need of a trusted ear, someone with whom to share confidences – and, increasingly, seek advice. Neither the King nor his sister would surely have wished to be the only siblings present at the bedside of their mother as she passed away at Balmoral Castle, but it is understood Andrew and Edward, travelling in a car driven by Prince William, were not able to reach the castle in time. The fact that Charles and his sister were the only siblings present meant they could briefly mourn privately together, further strengthening their unique relationship.

It is unclear yet whether the King will bestow a new title on Anne in addition to that of Princess Royal – the highest honour bestowed on a female member of the Royal Family by the Monarch. Anne became the seventh Princess Royal in 1987. Princess Mary, daughter of Charles I, was the first to be given the title in 1642. But whatever Anne’s formal title, the evidence suggests her importance to King Charles will rank close to that of the Queen and Prince of Wales.

[From The Daily Mail]

This is absolutely King Charles III assuring his beloved sister that she will likely only need to curtsy to Queen Camilla and no one else (especially Kate). He will take care of Anne, I am sure. I believe she will remain HRH Princess Anne, the Princess Royal, but I’m sure the new king will find some baroque way to elevate her status in his royal court (not that she cares, honestly). Anne was QEII’s rock, Anne was Philip’s rock and now Anne is King Charles III’s rock. Little sister to the king, stability in an ocean of drama.

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