Priyanka Chopra Answers Which Jonas Brothers Is Her Favorite to Follow on TikTok

Priyanka Chopra makes an appearance on The Ellen Show airing today and she played a funny game of “Truth or Drink.”

During the game, Ellen asked some juicy questions which Priyanka had the option to answer or take a sip of her alcoholic beverage.

Some questions she was asked was about which celeb she saw at a very drunk moment, the last celeb to text her, and which Jonas Brother is her favorite to follow on TikTok.

Well, she revealed Lilly Singh was the last to text her saying thank you for appearing on her talk show. Priyanka took a drink instead of revealing a story about a drunk celeb. And, she revealed her favorite TikTok follow from the JoBros….Frankie Jonas!

Frankie has gone viral on his TikTok for his amazing videos!

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