Remembering Princess Diana: How She Spent Her Final Summer


In an ice blue Jacques Azagury dress, Diana stunned during a visit to the Royal Albert Hall for a performance of Swan Lake. After the performance, Diana – who was a patron of the English National Ballet – greets dancers backstage.

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During a visit to the Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Hindu Temple in London (the largest Hindu Temple outside of India), she ditched her shoes (and wore a white Catherine Walker dress).

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Diana was known for championing many charitable causes, but her work with children just may be her best-remembered. During her visit to the temple, she speaks with a young girl.

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A lavender-and-pearls-clad Diana arrives at the Red Cross Headquarters in Washington, D.C., to make a speech against land mines, one of the many causes she championed during her lifetime. During her visit, both she and U.S. politician Elizabeth Dole called for the end of land mine use worldwide.

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Later that evening, a red-carpet-ready Diana gave a speech at a Red Cross-hosted gala for victims of land mines.

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From one powerful woman to another: Diana chats with then-First Lady, now-Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton while in Washington, D.C., on behalf of the Red Cross.

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At Christie’s in New York City, Diana looks at one of her dresses on display before it was sold at auction to raise money for some of her charities. In total, the auction raised more than $3 million.

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She was the center of attention everywhere she went – and at an auction of her own clothes, even more so.

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Diana celebrated her final birthday (her 36th) at a gala held in honor of the Tate Gallery’s Centenary in London. The “People’s Princess” greeted her adoring fans outside.

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A little more than a month before she made her way to Paris, the eventual site of the car crash that claimed her life, Diana and her then-boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed vacationed in St. Tropez.

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Her young sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, joined her on the trip. Here, she and Harry go for a jet ski ride in the Mediterranean.

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One of her final charitable engagements at home, Diana visited a hospital just outside London to lay the foundation stone for a new children’s ambulatory care center.

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While in Bosnia to work with the Land Mine Campaign, Diana poses with a group of French soldiers. The visit to the country, where she met with victims of land mines, was her last-ever official engagement.

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After their much-captured trip to St. Tropez, Dodi and Diana’s romance quickly evolved into one of the world’s most talked about. On August 30, the two arrived in Paris after spending nine days together vacationing in the French and Italian Rivera. It was just a few hours later that both Diana and Dodi were killed in a car crash in the Pont de l’Alma road tunnel, driving from the Hotel Ritz Paris to another apartment in the city.

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On the day of Diana’s death, a Canadian tourist reads a copy of New of the World with a ‘Diana Dead’ headline taking up the bulk of the front page. Behind her is St. Paul’s Cathedral, the site of Diana’s wedding to Prince Charles.

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