Rihanna Fires Back After Backlash for Calling Her Son Fine

Defending her comment on her baby boy, who is featured on the cover of British Vogue, the Fenty Beauty founder tells a critic to ‘keep your lil cougar paws away from him.’

AceShowbizRihanna is sticking to what she said about her son. Getting backlash over her “weird” and “gross” comment about her baby boy, the singer, who is currently expecting her second child with A$AP Rocky, has taken the time to silence Internet trolls.

The Barbadian beauty couldn’t help gushing about her 9-month-old son following his magazine debut on the cover of British Vogue. Posting photos of the infant from the photo shoot on her Instagram page, she wrote, “my son so fine! Idc idc idc!” In a separate post, the proud mom claimed, “my perfect baby!!!”

Some Internet users, however, took issue with Rihanna calling her son “fine.” One baffled user asked, “who calls a baby fine??” Seeing this, the “What’s My Name?” songstress quickly responded, “his mother!!!”

Another critic told Rihanna there are other words to use to describe her son. “Fine!? More like cute, adorable.. he’s not a grown man.. lol,” the person said. Not taking the advice, the 34-year-old fired back, “you just keep your lil cougar paws away from him and we good!”

A third critic said, “Now Rihanna, why you had to call your son fine.” Another shocked user wrote, “Not Rihanna calling her son fine…” One person also suggested, “RIRIIIII NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you had other words to use… like handsome, adorable, a cutie pie. Yk idk something other than ‘fine,’ ” while someone else weighed in, “Rihanna is one of those ‘my son so fine’ boy moms gross. I’m disappointed.”

Others, meanwhile, have come to Rihanna’s defense, with Supa Cent clapping back at the haters, “Same women that’s complaining is the same women posting they sons as they #MCM..” Another commented on the backlash, “Leave her alone y’all is pushing it fr.”

“Y’all changed the definition of fine and made it weird. Fine literally means ‘good looking, handsome’ she doesn’t wanna date her damn son. Like let’s use our brains. She didn’t call this baby sexy, hot etc. she said FINE,” a fan argued.

Someone else similarly claimed, “Y’all are complaining about Rihanna calling HER child fine. Heavy on the HER CHILD. Y’all the ones making it weird. You don’t like it what exactly is it going to change or stop? If it’s your child & you feel that way then fine but that’s HER KID.”

Meanwhile, one person still thinks that a woman calling her own son “fine” is weird. Responding to those who supported Rihanna, the critic said, “Y’all only defending her cause she’s rihanna… calling your child fine is WEIRD, idc. I’m not saying she gotta be cancelled, but it’s weird and y’all are d**k eating fr.”

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