Rob Lowe Is Sorry For Making Fun Of Prince William's Hair Situation

Chris Pratt must have taken his BFF  Rob Lowe by the elbow and whispered, “Listen dude, super sick hair, as always. But careful bro, your pretty privilege is showing.” Because Rob Lowe is walking back those comments he made last month in which he gagged like a disgusted middle school girl at the thought of Prince William’s lack of hair.

During an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Rob Lowe claimed that watching Prince William lose his hair was so “traumatizing,” and added that the second he thought his own hair was falling out, he started gobbling down hair loss pills in order to prevent going bald. Rob accused Prince William of “letting himself” lose his hair.

The Huffington Post says that Rob was confronted about his remarks by Piers Morgan during a recent interview with Good Morning Britain. Rob wants us to know he wasn’t being rude and shady to Prince William – he was being rude and shady to himself.

“I think it’s a case of two countries divided by a common language. Because that was literally me slagging my own insecurity and narcissism. He’s a stud, I love him. He’s awesome.”

Skip to the 9:45 mark to hear Rob’s semi-sorry.

Despite the fact that Rob’s apology sounded like something a publicist came up with after opening up a pamphlet titled 101 Emergency Mea Culpas, it makes sense. Of course Rob is insecure about his looks. Because the only other possibly explanation for why a 55-year-old man would have the hair of an 18-year-old that just discovered AXE styling putty is because there was a sale at CVS.


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