Roger Waters Shares New Version Of Pink Floyd’s ‘The Gunner’s Dream’

Roger Waters has shared a new studio version of “The Gunner’s Dream” from Pink Floyd‘s 1983 album, The Final Cut.

Waters also dropped a black-and-white video of the new version, which opens with him playing the piano and singing alone in his studio.

He is later joined by his bandmates, including guitarist Dave Kilminster, drummer Joey Waronker, bassist Gus Seyffert, guitarist Jonathan Wilson, pianist and keyboardist Jon Carin, Hammond player Bo Koster and LuciusJesse Wolfe and Holly Laessig, from their respective studios as the song and video progress.

“The Gunner’s Dream” tells the story and thoughts of an airman gunner as he falls to his death during a raid, dreaming of a safe world in the future, without war.

“Last night I watched the 2013 documentary film The Man Who Saved the World. The man’s name is Stanislav Petrov. The year before Stanislav saved the World in the year 1982 I wrote a song ‘The Gunner’s Dream,'” Rogers wrote a lengthy caption on Instagram. “It’s weird to think that had Stanislav not been in the right place at the right time none of us would be alive, no one under the age of 37 would have been born at all.”

“It is acknowledged by all but the cretins amongst us that nuclear arms have no value. It is also acknowledged that they are a ticking bomb and we ignore them at our peril,” he continued. “Accidents happen. The Stanislavs of this world are a rare breed. We’ve been extraordinarily lucky.

“If I ruled the world, I would heed the words of the wise. I would get rid of nuclear weapons. First thing tomorrow morning. On Dr. King’s name day,” Waters said. “Of course no one can rule the world.
The world cannot be ruled. It can only be loved and respected and shared. If we’re still here in the morning.”

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