Rose McGowan opens up about depression battle: 'Deeply sad and very low'

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Rose McGowan is getting candid about her battle with depression and how it’s led to her recent social media break.

The “Charmed” alum took to her Instagram Story on Thursday where she posted a lengthy statement about her mental health struggles. 

“I haven’t been posting because I’ve been deeply sad and very low. Depression is an intense beast,” she post begins.

McGowan, 47, is known for being vocal over the last year on her social media accounts. She regularly speaks out about her discontent with American politics and has been outspoken in her opposition to Hollywood.

Her message on Thursday addresses “depression, trauma” and post-traumatic stress disorder she’s suffered. These struggles are things she opened up about in her memoir, Brave,” released in 2018.

“I speak of my history with a mind that wants me to sleep forever. It blocks the sun for so many of us. If you suffer from this I want you to know you are not alone. I want me to know I’m not alone, no matter how hard my mind whispers thoughts of The sleep 30 hours kind of sad. The crying & don’t know why sad. The i just want it to stop sad,” she continues.

McGowan said she is not one to “put up a false front to the world & post a false joy I’m not feeling.”

She goes on to label depression a “beast to dance with.”

“Sometimes the beast holds your head down. But what I know is that there will be light again. For all of us. And the day will come when the weight of sadness will disappear. And we will raise our faces to the sun,” her post concludes.

McGowan’s statement was shared along with a photo of a sunset. The former actress moved to Mexico in 2020 at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. In an interview with Fox News in March, McGowan discussed her decision to leave the United States was partially motivated by the country’s political divide. At the time, she said she was on a journey to heal.

Rose McGowan got candid about her battle with depression in an Instagram Story on Thursday.
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“I had a real hard run,” McGowan told us when reflecting on the last few years. “I want to thank the Mexican people and the nation for allowing me to stay and continue my healing. I’m very grateful.”

McGowan is also known as being one of Harvey Weinstein‘s first assault accusers. The disgraced media mogul is currently serving a 23-year prison sentence for sex crimes in New York. 

She appeared on “Fox News Primetime” in April when she declared that Democrats are in a “deep cult” and shared how she herself grew up in a cult called “Children of God” which gave her the awareness to recognize similar patterns in her surroundings. 

McGowan took heat for her first Fox News appearance, but pushed back against the negative reactions on Twitter.

“I did an interview on Fox News — that caused so much cognitive dissonance as someone who was basically from when I stepped foot in America, a Democrat, because thats what my mother was,” she said in a response video posted to Twitter. “I never questioned that Fox was the enemy.”

However, she added that her critics essentially were upset she spoke out against Democrats as being in “a cult” — correcting them and noting she said the same about the GOP during her interview.

“If you lean deep into anything and refuse to hear anything else, youre serving a master that theres no evidence is serving you, then maybe youre in a cult,” she said. 

“I know both sides are so f—ed — the fact that Fox News let someone like me on … it pretty f—ing extraordinary.”

“Keep going, deprogram yourself,” McGowan told her followers at the time.

Fox News’ Charles Creitz and Angelica Stabile contributed to this report.

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