Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Edwards Welcome Baby Girl!

According to a brand new and blessed new report, Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Edwards rang in 2020 in grand fashion:

By becoming parents once again!

The Teen Mom OG stars — who have been through quite a lot as a couple — welcomed a baby girl into the world back on January 1.

This news has been confirmed by The Sun, which quotes none other than Ryan’s father, Larry, as its very reliable source.

“We’re so excited. She looks like Mackenzie!” Larry told this publication, adding that there were no complications, but making it sound as if the child arrived a little bit early:

“It was unexpected. One push and she was here!”

The little girl is named Stella Rhea (this middle name comes from Ryan’s maternal side) and weighed seven pounds and 14 ounces at birth.

Because Stella came a decent amount of time before her due date, however, MTV cameras were reportedly not on hand for the delivery… which we’re guessing Stella will be grateful for years from now.

Ryan and Mackenzie already share a son named Jagger, who was born in October of 2018.

However, his often-troubled father missed his birth because Ryan was in rehab at the time.

The reality star has often sought professional help for his substance abuse problems.

“It was great for him to be there,” this time, Larry told The Sun of his son.

Ryan also has an 11-year old son named Bentley from his old relationship with Teen Mom OG veteran Maci Bookout; while Mackenzie has a son named Hudson from a previous marriage.

It sounds like photos were snapped of all the kids at the hospital, meeting their new sister, and that these may be made public in the near future.

“She’s going to post family photos from today to introduce the baby,” Larry says.

Ryan and Mackenzie have remained together for years, through cheating allegations, arrests and rumored heavy drug use.

He spent a few months in jail in early 2019 following an arrest for possession and larceny, although we thankfully haven’t heard much about him since, making it appear that perhaps Ryan’s life may finally be back on track.

Just in time for the arrival of his daughter.

Husband and wife did recently settle into a new settled into a $309,000 split-level house in Tennessee, as well.

We’ll post any upcoming pictures of Stella that Ryan and Mackenzie share online.

Until then, however, despite all we may have written in the past about these MTV personalities, we’d like to send along our very best wishes and congratulations.

They have a newborn at home, after all.

Here’s to praying everything remains stable there.

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