Sam Thompson praises sister Louise as bravest woman after serious complications during birth

Sam Thompson has praised his sister and new mum Louise Thompson as the "bravest woman" after she suffered "serious complications" after giving birth to her baby son Leo-Hunter Libbey with fiancé Ryan Libbey.

Former Made in Chelsea star Louise, 31, gave birth to her little boy in November, but she was unfortunately forced to stay in hospital for five weeks.

Straight after welcoming Leo-Hunter into the world, both she and the baby were rushed into intensive care units, and while the little one recovered quickly, Louise is still feeling the psychological and physical effects of what she endured, which comes as personal trainer Ryan has been spotted out and about walking with their baby for the first time.

After Louise made her birth announcement on Instagram, Sam reposted the adorable first snap of his new nephew on his Stories.

"The most beautiful baby made by the bravest woman I know," the 29 year old declared.

Despite a difficult month, Louise recently told her fans she was feeling positive and happy to be allowed to spend the rest of her recovery at home for Christmas, as the star enjoys some bonding time with her new family of three.

The reality TV star also opened up on her experiences, as she started by telling fans in a lengthy essay it was hard to explain just how she was feeling and what the family had been through.

While she admitted to struggling and feeling in a “strange place mentally and physically”, she accepted it’s just “part of her” now.

Louise also told fans her "dance with death" had given her a reminder of how short life truly is, and how "sacred".

“Whilst Leo made a fairly quick recovery I have been recovering in hospital for a month with various serious complications,” the mum-of-one told her followers.

“In all honesty I never imagined that so many bad things could happen to me, but to dance with death twice brings a whole new view of the world – a stark reminder of how short and sacred life really is.

"We need to start living, we need to start loving, we need to start enjoying every minute detail in life (certainly easier said than done when you’re stuck in mental and/or physical purgatory or dealing with serious illness, depression or the fear of the unknown), but if you DO have the capacity, then try and cling onto any nuggets of good…" Louise went on. "And please please please be grateful for good health.

"The hard truth is that you don't know how lucky you are to have it until it's too late.

"The reality is that I am in a bit of a strange place mentally and physically and I might be for a while, but that’s just part of the me now and part of my recovery.

"It's not going to be easy or linear but thankfully I am being offered some very valuable psychological help and the good news is that I’m starting to experience some good hours as well as bad ones. (Sometimes living hour by hour is your only option)," the star added, finishing off by acknowledging that she could finally see a future where she gets to live "peacefully on this earth" with her son.

"I can’t wait to start our new journey together as a family of 3 and to start bonding little baby Leo," Louise gushed.

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