Sharon Osbourne Details Disturbing Side Effects of Ozempic for Weight Loss

When sharing her experience on Bill Maher’s ‘Club Random’ podcast, the TV personality says she already stop taking the controversial medication and her hunger hasn’t returned.

AceShowbizSharon Osbourne has gotten candid about her experience of using Ozempic for weight loss. When appearing on Bill Maher‘s podcast “Club Random”, the TV personality detailed the disturbing side effects of the FDA-approved prescription medication for people with type 2 diabetes.

The 70-year-old shared her story after the host told her, “You look great, really. You look like 20 years younger. How did you do that?” In response, she replied, “Through the f**king injection that everybody takes!”

“Listen, when you’ve got a weight problem and you’ve tried everything, and then somebody says ‘Take this injection and you’re gonna be skinny…” Sharon continued. Bill then interjected, “I would never, but I’m crazy, I’m very paranoid about any foreign substances in my body.”

The wife of Ozzy Osbourne went on to elaborate, “For me the first week was f**king s**t because you just throw up all the time and you feel so nauseous.” She then noted, “After a couple of weeks, it goes and then you’re just fine. You’re just not hungry.”

Sharon said she already stop taking Ozempic and her hunger hasn’t returned. She also noted that its appetite-reducing effects likely still continue because her body has changed since she started taking the controversial medication in December.

Sharon isn’t the only celebrity who’s spoken out about the Ozempic’s side effects. Amy Schumer previously opened up about the matter while appearing on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” in June.

“Like a year ago, I tried it,” the comedienne admitted. “I was one of those people that felt so sick and couldn’t play with my son. I was so skinny and he’s throwing a ball at me and [I couldn’t].”

Due to the side effects, the “I Feel Pretty” star decided to stop taking Ozempic, which is a semaglutide drug like Wegovy and Mounjaro. “And you’re like, ‘OK, this isn’t livable for me.’ But I immediately invested [in it] because I knew everyone was going to try it,” she added.

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