Stacey Solomon says she feels like her vagina is falling out following home birth

Stacey Solomon has described how she feels like her 'vagina is falling out' after welcoming her daughter in a home birth on Monday.

The 32 year old, who welcomed her first daughter with fiancé Joe Swash, 39, on her birthday at her £1.2million home, described how she was still recovering from her home birth as her sister Jemma Solomon surprised her with a pink pampas plant.

Jemma, 33, who shares children Darcy, eight, Mila, six, and Hudson, three, with husband Lee, 36, took to Instagram to share a sweet picture of her adorable niece, captioned: "Morning…Woke up super early snuck out the house while the kids were asleep to sneak in a cuddle before everyone woke."

The sweet little girl, who is yet to be named, wore a baby pink baby grow with a cute cat on the front in the adorable picture.

Jemma revealed that she was spending her Sunday at a garden centre before she surprised her sister Stacey with a pampas grass.

The mum-of-three, also known as The Label Lady, took to Instagram as she creeped into Pickle Cottage with the pink plant underneath her arm.

Speaking to her 500,000 followers, Jemma said: "Sometimes I am just like the best sister ever. Like ever!"

Turning to Stacey, she added: "Am I not the best ever?"

Laughing, Stacey added: "I didn't want to get out of bed but now I've got to plant a blooming pampas plant."

Jemma replied: "It's pink!"

But Stacey revealed that she was still getting over her birth, in which she received only gas and air, adding: "I know Jemma but I still feel like my vagina is falling out!"

Captioning the footage, Jemma penned: "I'm sorry but I was well impressed can't wait to watch it grow. A pink pampas. And no there isn't a watch us plant it video maybe in a few weeks."

The sisters have an incredibly close bond with Jemma even being honoured with the role of birth partner for her younger sibling.

However, there is one matter that is a point of contention for the sisters – baby names.

Stacey previously revealed she's careful not to reveal her favourites out of fear Jemma will take them.

"We have this sort of name rivalry. I really don’t want my sister to use any of the names," Stacey revealed on Heart Breakfast radio while pregnant with Rex, now two.

"Anyone else can in the world just not her. Cause we can’t have cousins that have the same name.

"One of her children, I won’t mention which one, has got a name that I really wanted. And I said it out loud before. School boy error."

"My sister used one of my names as a middle name of her child," Stacey further revealed on Loose Women.

"She didn't know it was one I really wanted but I plan a lot of these things out in my head before they happen and I did have a list of top five that I had before this pregnancy."

This means that her possible favourites were Willow, Luna or James are now out the question for her new daughter, who's name is yet to be announced.

Luckily it's all love between the sisters with Stacey adding, "I bear no grudge toward my sister. What. So. Ever."

"But I do get why people don't say the names they want for their children because once somebody has said it in your close circle, you can't use it.

"Some of us might take a bit longer to get pregnant than others Coleen [Nolan, fellow panellist], in which case my sister should have waited! I'm joking, I love you Jemma!'

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