Steve Harvey Approves Of Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey’s Love: ‘He Is One Of The Nicest Guys’

Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan’s relationship continues to heat up and fans can’t get enough of the new couple and their romantic adventures. But does Harvey’s stepfather, famous comedian and TV Host Steve Harvey, approve of his stepdaughter’s beau? He sure does.

On today’s episode of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, the comedian appeared as a guest and opened up about his thoughts on Jordan, offering a hilarious take on it, of course.

“You know what,” Steve responded, when asked by DeGeneres if Jordan is “the greatest.” “I have tried not to like him. I have tried to find something wrong with him that I could dig in and go — ’cause I done got rid of all of ’em. All of ’em. Some of them snuck in the back door on me and lasted a lot longer than I wanted it to.”

Harvey continued to praise the Hollywood heartthrob, adding, “But this guy, is such a good guy, man. He is one of the nicest guys. I’ve met his father. I’ve sat up with him, we’ve talked for hours. I just can’t find nothing wrong with him!”

Harvey is a big fan of the couple’s burgeoning relationship, telling DeGeneres that he’s “hoping this lasts” because he likely couldn’t scare Jordan off, even if he tried.  

“Most guys I say I can jump on ’em and take ’em out, but he just looks like a real ass-whooping in the making. So I’m just hoping they make it, you know,” Harvey joked.

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The couple began dating in late 2020 and made their relationship “Instagram official” at the start of 2021. On Valentine’s Day, Jordan surprised Harvey by renting out an entire aquarium to treat her to a romantic evening “under the sea” and then filled their suite with hundreds of flower arrangements from corner-to-corner.

See more sweet photos of the madly in love couple below.

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