Teen Mom 2s Kailyn Lowry, who is antivax, got covid after a trip again

We are in the second year of the pandemic and instead of life getting better it would seem every damn week a new variant pops up. Much of that is due to people not masking up, dumb ass politicians putting us at risk, and folks who have access to a life saving vaccine stubbornly refusing to get it. This may be the case for Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry. Kailyn has been vocal about being antivax and not vaccinating her children and it’s assumed she’s not vaccinated. Kailyn took her four children to the Dominican Republic on vacation and when they returned to the States, the entire family tested positive for COVID. This is Kailyn’s second time contracting the virus. Even worse, Kailyn gave the virus to her Baby Mamas No Drama podcast co-host, Jo Rivera, who has been fully vaccinated but ended up with a breakthrough case of COVID. Below are a few more details from People:

“For those of you guys listening who don’t know, Vee and I have COVID,” Lowry told listeners at the beginning of the episode.

The reality star said that, though her family had tested negative while on vacation and after returning, but she began feeling sick a few days later.

“I knew because I felt like s— all week,” said Lowry of her diagnosis. “Once I lost my taste and my smell, I knew what it was. I knew.”

Rivera said she suspected she caught it from Lowry after the two recorded their podcast last week. Lowry apologized for coming in contact with her while she was positive, adding: “I would not have been around people if I knew I had COVID, but I tested negative twice.”

Lowry said all four of her sons — Isaac, 10, Lincoln, 7, and Lux Russell, 3, and Creed, 1 — have tested positive, but they are all asymptomatic. Lowry’s ex Javi Marroquin, with whom she shares Lincoln, also tested positive.

“I don’t even know how this happened,” she added.

This isn’t the first time that Lowry has contracted COVID-19, she revealed during Tuesday’s podcast episode. She previously tested positive after a trip to Iceland last year, and her son Lincoln also caught the virus in March, she said.

Meanwhile Rivera, who is married to Lowry’s ex and Isaac’s father Jo Rivera, said she is “miserable” at home having to quarantine from the rest of her family but is “grateful that I don’t have these crazy symptoms and didn’t end up in the hospital.”

“I am 100% vaccinated, so that could have helped me,” Rivera said.

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Lord help with this one. Big sigh. I get extremely irritated with people not wanting to get vaccinated. I understand the skepticism at the beginning. I was skeptical because I did not know much about the process. But after doing my research I understood getting vaccinated was the best option. But I become absolutely livid when anti-vaxers are parents put children and vulnerable people in danger. COVID doesn’t give a damn, she is wrecking havoc everywhere. I have seen people tweet about 11 month old babies contracting the virus. It is irresponsible at the very least. Getting the vaccine also protects those you work with. If I were Jo I would refuse to work with Kailyn until she got vaccinated. No way in hell would I jeopardize my health for someone being ridiculous. The other issue I am having with Kailyn being irresponsible is the fact that this is her second time contracting the virus, so I don’t get her reluctance. I am hoping that Kailyn gets some sense and gets vaccinated and that she, her family and her co-host have a speedy recovery.

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