The BBC finally listened! Monty Don causes a stir with major Gardeners World update

Gardeners’ World: Monty Don announces end of series

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Monty Don, 66, has excited fans, teasing three Christmas specials of BBC’s Gardeners’ World. The horticulturist has presented on the show since 2003, creating a loyal gardening fan base for himself.

We finished filming the third of three programmes.

Monty Don

Monty tweeted the news to his 242,500 followers yesterday evening.

He said: “As it grew dark and the wind whipped the leaves from the trees we finished filming the third of three programmes filled with all-new materials celebrating the season that will go out in December.”

Fans were quick to the comments to share their excitement about the winter episodes.

Sassyhome said: “So exciting that the BBC finally listened to your fans and scheduled some winter programmes.

“What a treat in the darkest days.

“Thanks to all of your hard work.”

Rbchuck added: “Gardens don’t finish in October so that’s great to hear the BBC are doing this.

“Maybe 10 would please me more but I’ll take three.”

Monty confirmed earlier this month on Twitter that filming for the show had finished for its current series.

He said on October 13: “Completed filming the last regular Gardeners World of the year today on a fine, dry rather warm and very autumnal day.”

Again, it wasn’t long before Monty was inundated with comments from Gardeners’ World fans, who shared their sadness over the series coming to an end.

Sassyhome said: “Glad you had good weather.

“A sad day for us, but you deserve a break. Hibernation is good for the soul. Even when it contains a different kind of work, that of the mind.”

Amyhoskinscc added: “Awww. Sad to hear it. (sic)

“We love your program and watch reruns all winter, waiting for them to restart each Spring.”

In 2003 Monty replaced Alan Titchmarsh as the lead presenter of Gardeners’ World.

Monty did take a break from presenting the show between 2008 and 2011 due to issues with his health.

In February 2008, Monty suffered a minor stroke at his home and when symptoms did not improve he went to get a brain scan.

It revealed a temporary blockage in one of his arteries to the brain and he put his career on hold to recover.

He is back on the show now, stronger than ever, and has spoken candidly about his physical and mental health issues over the years.

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