'The Pioneer Woman': Ree Drummond's Buffalo Chicken Totchos Recipe Is the Perfect Snack Idea

Ree Drummond has elevated tater tots to new levels with her Buffalo chicken totchos recipe, a combination of tots and nachos. The Pioneer Woman star makes an easy snack layered with buffalo chicken wing flavor and some delicious toppings.

Ree Drummond’s Buffalo chicken totchos recipe is so easy to make

Drummond shared how to make her Buffalo chicken totchos on an episode of The Pioneer Woman and the whole snack came together quickly, making it a great go-to recipe.

She started by adding chili powder and cumin to the frozen tater tots, then baked them in a 450 degree Fahrenheit oven for 35 minutes. “Frozen tots are pretty darn good as they are but adding the chili powder and cumin really kind of elevates them,” she explained.

Meanwhile, Drummond cooked the Buffalo chicken mixture, beginning with small pieces of chicken breasts in a hot skillet with butter, salt, and pepper. Once the chicken was browned, she added garlic, celery, scallions, and hot sauce.

“This kind of recipe is so much fun because you can serve it to teenagers after school, if they have friends over, after a football game — it’s perfect for that,” Drummond explained.

Assembling the totchos is a snap

After removing the tater tots from the oven, Drummond assembled her unique totchos, piling the tots in the center before topping them with cheese, the Buffalo chicken, and sauce. She added cheese, then placed the pan under the broiler for a few minutes until the cheese melted.

Drummond warned that this snack is best eaten immediately after making it. “This is not a dish you want to make ahead of time,” she shared. “You want to make it right before you serve it.”

The Pioneer Woman star made an easy blue cheese ranch dressing to drizzle over the top of her creative snack. She added blue cheese, salt, and pepper to a prepared ranch dressing. “Ranch is basically a way of life with my teenagers,” she said. “They eat ranch with pizza, chicken nuggets, French fries… I like to spike it with just a little bit of blue cheese to keep it consistent with Buffalo chicken.”

“What a fun dish — I love it,” she said as she added the drizzle of dressing, and a sprinkle of celery leaves and green onions.

The full recipe is available on the Food Network website.

Ree Drummond puts a breakfast spin on totchos

Totchos aren’t just for snacking either — Drummond has a unique breakfast spin on the tot and nacho mashup. The Pioneer Woman star‘s breakfast totchos skillet recipe is a great alternative for the first meal of the day.

After baking tater tots, Drummond assembled everything in a skillet. She placed a pile of the tots in the skillet, then added cheese, bacon, jalapenos, and sliced green onions before baking it.

While the skillet was in the oven, she made sunny side up eggs. After removing the skillet, she put guacamole, pico de gallo, sour cream, and cilantro on the totchos, then placed the eggs on top.

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