The Traitors star undergoes major surgery and feels more confident than ever

The Traitors winner Meryl Williams says she feels “more confident than ever” after having forehead reduction surgery.

Last year, Meryl joined Aaron Evans and Hannah Byczkowski in taking home a share of the £101,050 cash prize on the BBC game show, after the Faithfuls banished Traitor Wilfred Webster from the show.

Since leaving the show, Meryl has quit her former call centre job and has been exploring her new career options.

She’s also used her time since leaving the show to pursue an operation she had been thinking of for a while to reduce the size of her forehead.

Meryl revealed in a new interview how she had chosen to have the procedure, which brings down the hairline on the forehead, as it had been a “big insecurity” of hers.

She said she had a consultation for the procedure, then waited eight months, before deciding to go ahead with it.

She explained to Metro: “The operation was straight-forward and there were no complications.

“My head still is quite swollen. [The surgeon] cut along the hairline and pulled my hairline down and then removed some excess skin. He then had to do some bone shaving.”

The operation was done privately and lasted two hours, with Meryl being prescribed painkillers afterwards.

“I still can’t feel my head right now, it was quite painful,” she shared.

Back in January Meryl appeared on Good Morning Britain to talk about life since winning the show, revealing she hadn't yet spent any of her prize money.

The TV star said she was keeping the £33K as a "safety blanket" to try different things and had hopes to fulfil her dream of becoming a presenter.

She shared how she had quit her call centre job as well and was hoping to get some career tips from the show’s host Claudia Winkleman.

Meryl also shared how the competition had helped with her independence and confidence and given her a platform to educate people about her dwarfism.

She said: "I think a lot of the times with my condition a lot of people perceive and doubt me.

"So the whole reason why I wanted to go on the show and complete all the tasks, especially the physical ones, was to show people watching back at home that I can do the exact same as everyone else."

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