'The Ultimate Surfer' Cast's Hot Shots Score A Perfect 10!

Are you a total shubie and wanna channel your inner wave rider?? Now’s your chance to live vicariously through these smokin’ hot athletes — the cast of the hit show, “The Ultimate Surfer”!!

If you haven’t seen the new ABC series — produced by Dana White — it’s a competition where surfers group up in teams of one male and one female to face off in difficult challenges at Kelly Slater‘s Surf Ranch … with $100k and wildcard spots on the 2022 WSL Championship Tour on the line.

There are some seriously skilled stars in the show — from Anastasia Ashley to Zeke Lau to Malia Ward, Tia Blanco, Mason Barnes, Luke Davis and more.

The competition is already underway … and some folks have been sent packing. There’s also been a bit of alliance-building and drama going down — but don’t worry, we won’t spoil it for ya.

In the meantime, check out all these scorching hot pics of all the season’s contestants … and you guessed it — a lot of poses include their beloved surfboards.

Hang loose … or whatever the surfers say nowadays.

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