The Windsors will breathe a sigh of relief if the Sussexes dont come this spring

Since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex exited the UK, the British media has been churning out a similar storyline whenever a major event or holiday comes up. Part 1: The Sussexes might return for whatever holiday or event. Part 2: The Windsors are incandescent with rage at the thought that the Sussexes might return. Part 3: The Sussexes don’t return. Part 4: The Windsors are publicly pleased that they’ve avoided the Sussexes, all while trying to publicly lay a guilt trip on them for not coming back. Rinse and repeat. We’re in the midst of the same cycle right now, as there is a lot of conversation about whether the Sussexes will return for Prince Philip’s memorial and/or the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Now Ingrid Seward is here to tell us that the royals will breathe a sigh of relief if H&M do NOT come:

Members of the Royal Family will “breathe a sigh of relief” if Meghan Markle and Prince Harry don’t make it to Prince Philip’s memorial, a royal expert has said. Ingrid Seward, Editor in Chief of Majesty Magazine, said the Sussexes’ absence would prevent the spring tribute from turning into the “Harry and Meghan show”.

Palace officials are preparing to honour Prince Philip, who died last April, in a Service of Thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey in the spring. But it is understood Harry, 37, is not prepared to fly here with Meghan, 40, Archie, two, and seven-month-old Lilibet without armed guards.

Ingrid Seward said: “I think if they choose not to come then everyone will breathe a sigh of relief. It is thanks-giving for Prince Philip and we don’t want it turning into the Harry and Meghan show.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex said they do not feel safe coming to the UK as they are no longer entitled to Met guards since quitting royal duties. And Harry, now living in the US, is taking the Government to court for refusing to let him pay for police protection. Sources say he is pressing ahead with a judicial review – the first time a member of the Royal Family has sued Her Majesty’s government.

Royal biographer Phil Dampier said it wouldn’t surprise him if the former royals didn’t return to the UK for the service, suggesting the security issue gives them “a good excuse”. But he added Harry “might come because it looks good from a PR point of view… He will be criticised if he does come and criticised if he doesn’t – he will look disrespectful to his grandfather who he was very fond of – so Harry may come but I’d be very surprised if Meghan does.”

He added: “In the current climate flying about for one off events isn’t a very good look, I think if [the memorial visit] was combined with a few days and a serious attempt to sit down with his brother and father and try and talk things through, you can see the point, but I don’t get the impression that anyone is ready to heal the rift.”

[From The Sun]

If there’s so much relief and thanksgiving to be had in the Sussexes’ absence, then surely these salty dumbasses would be able to take Harry and Meghan’s names out of their mouths? Ingrid Seward and Phil Dampier would sh-t themselves with glee if Harry and Meghan flew into London today with Archie and Lili in tow. They would have a million articles churned out in 24 hours. The Daily Mail, the Mirror, the Sun and the Guardian would all have live-blogs about the Sussexes’ return, detailing their movements down to the minute. It’s not Harry and Meghan demanding everything to be “the Harry and Meghan Show.” It’s these dipsh-ts who can’t help themselves – they’re the ones turning every story into something Sussex-related! And then blaming the Sussexes for it. Anyway, we all know that the Queen probably would like to see H&M. It’s William and Kate who have their panties in a bunch at the idea of H&M coming back to the UK and effortlessly stealing all the keen thunder.

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