Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal Call Each Other ‘Husband’ in Sweet Picture

The Peter Parker depicter and his ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ co-star call each other ‘husbandgoals’ in an adorable picture that sees them snuggling on a coach.

AceShowbizTom Holland wished his “Spider-Man: Far From Home” co-star Jake Gyllenhaal a happy birthday in an adorable post as the latter turned 39 on Thursday, December 19. He posted a picture of them snuggling on a coach.

The two Marvel actors called each other “husbandgoals.” The Peter Parker depicter wrote, “He’s the Mysterio to my Spider-man. Happy birthday mate. #husbandgoals.” Gyllenhaal immediately approved, “Thanks homie!#husbandgoals.”

The black-and-white picture got 5 million likes and still counting on Holland’s Instagram page. Chart-topping singer Shawn Mendes also gave the two actors thumbs-up, “Wow this is a cool photo.” Actress Imogen Leaver agreed, “This is very cute.”

Fans were also raving over their bromance. “I wish someone looked at me the way tom looks at jake,” one wrote. Another penned, “I feel like we’re interrupting a date.” MTV commented, “if this doesn’t become the most-liked post of all time I’m deleting my account.” Another gushed, “Proof there is love for everyone.”

Tom Holland also had a great chemistry with another A-lister Will Smith. Despite both lending their voice to the main characters in the new animated movie “Spies In Disguise“, they never met in person until Smith invited Holland to an escape hotel in Los Angeles.

They goofed off while trying to find clues that could get them out. They got 30 minutes to free themselves and managed to escape before time was up. The best “wingman in the movies AND in life,” so Smith called the Spidey star.

Meanwhile, Holland said in an interview, “I’ve been a big Will Smith fan for a long time, and then all of a sudden I was locked in a room with him, trying to get us to escape. I don’t know if I wanted to escape, I was enjoying myself in there with Will Smith.”

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