Vanessa Feltzs brutal dig after cheating fiancés lover speaks out

Vanessa Feltz asks This Morning viewers for advice on heartbreak

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Vanessa Feltz, 60, split from her partner of 16 years, Ben Ofoedu, 50, after the Phats and Small singer admitted to cheating allegations. The woman, who has asked to go by the name of Ella, claims she fell “hopelessly in love” with the singer after a series of steamy encounters in Ibiza and Thailand.

Ben had previously admitted to having a three-time romp with an older woman in 2015 and said his latest dailliances was sexting another woman.

Ella said she felt Vanessa had a “right to know” what they’d been up to – and that Ben had also tried to seduce three other younger women.

The This Morning agony aunt is currently on holiday with her family in Ireland as she took to her Instagram stories and posted a candid clip.

Vanessa shared a video from content creator, Esther, as she offered some positive words.

She said: “Don’t be sad that people talk about you behind your back… They’re in the right place… behind you.”

Her post comes just hours after the woman in question spoke out about her romance with Ben amid claims they discussed Vanessa.

The beach club owner known as Ella has revealed she enjoyed a fling with Ben in Ibiza and claimed she had no idea he was engaged to Vanessa during their relationship.

However, during their time in Thailand together, Ella asked Ben about his romance with Vanessa.

“He said, ‘She’s always putting me down.’ I later thought that was very revealing – he blames everyone except himself,” she said.

“At one point I mentioned how I wanted a tummy tuck and he said ‘You’re just like her, talking about your weight all the time,'” she told Daily Mail.

Ella has also shared the email she sent to Vanessa with the publication, where she wrote: “I was aware of his relationship with you, and I felt very guilty but he pursued me so much I couldn’t resist his charm.”

The woman told the publication she was “terrified” to hit send and was even more horrified when a furious Vanessa decided to immediately call her back.


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She says Vanessa told her in no uncertain terms what she had done was “very wrong”.

Meanwhile, the broadcaster appeared to be in good spirits during her family getaway, as she said the “best is yet to come” on Sunday.

She shared a clip of herself at the beach in Ireland with a stone which was engraved with the word “change” on, which her grandson found for her.

“You wouldn’t believe this,” she began. “I’m on the stoniest of stony beaches, and look what my grandson just found,” she said, holding up the impressive rock with a large spade.

“It’s a stone saying, ‘change’, on it. I feel as if it’s a sign!”

“Do I believe in signs? I don’t know, but surely this is one of them,” the broadcaster eagerly expressed.

“‘Change’ – the best is yet to come. Happy Saturday,” she concluded to her followers.

Meanwhile, in the caption, Vanessa wrote: “On a beach full of stones my grandson found one inscribed with the word ‘change’. Must be a sign! #beach #wisdom #outdoors #ireland #sign #thebestisyettocome.”


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