Wait, Jennifer Lopez Is Moving to L.A. for a "Fresh Start" With Ben Affleck

Pretty major update on Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s relationship: J.Lo is reportedly moving to Los Angeles so they can make a “fresh start!” A source tells E! News that Jennifer “is packing up her Miami rental” (where she and Ben were recently spotted together) and heading to L.A. with her twins, Emme and Maximilian. “She will be between L.A. and the Hamptons this summer, but L.A. will be her base,” a source says. “She is looking at schools for her kids in the fall.”

On top of that, the source adds “She is excited about a fresh start and pursuing things with Ben. They will be at their L.A. home soon.”

FYI, an insider previously mused that the couple, who literally can’t stop being photographed together, are basically obsessed with each other, saying “She’s crazy about Ben. He spoils her with love and is very witty and charming. He’s a man’s man, and she finds him so attractive and strong. She’s in it for the long term and sees her future with him.”

I mean, if J.Lo is moving to L.A. to be closer to Ben it definitely sounds like things are getting serious between them? And as yet another source tells Entertainment Tonight “J.Lo and Ben are very much a couple and have been telling friends that they’re together. When they first reconnected, they had to see if the spark was still there because it had been a while. It was, so now they are both fully in it.”

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