Was Jimin In Suga’s "Shadow" Video? This Tiny Detail Has BTS Fans Convinced

It’s been just over 24 hours since BTS released their "Shadow" comeback trailer on Jan. 9, and the BTS ARMY is still not over the video’s beautiful visuals and well-thought-out details, as well as the song’s meaningful lyrics. BTS’ videos usually connect to one another, so fans pay close attention to the group’s comeback trailers for any hidden details that can further explain the group’s overall message and narrative. Fans’ latest discovery is that Jimin may have guest starred in Suga’s "Shadow" music video.

It wouldn’t be the first time a BTS member secretly appeared in a member’s solo music video. For example, when J-Hope dropped his "Daydream" music video in 2018, no one suspected any of the other members had a cameo. Then, just a few weeks later, Big Hit Entertainment shared a behind-the-scenes clip, revealing V was actually featured as J-Hope’s body double.

Similarly, V also helped RM film his "Persona" comeback trailer by starring as his body double, too. With this in mind, you can’t blame fans for thinking the members may have played a role in Suga’s "Shadow" comeback trailer. The video notably had six hooded figures portraying Suga’s "shadows," so all the BTS members could have starred in the trailer without anyone knowing.

Apart from the six figures, fans also noticed that, at the 1:14 mark, there’s a window showing three shadows. Fans believe either the hooded figures or the shadows could represent RM, Jin, J-Hope, Jimin, Jungkook, and V.

Of course, even if they were meant to represent BTS, anyone could have technically stood in their place, but out of all the guys, fans think at least Jimin may have had a cameo in the trailer, and it’s all thanks to one detail on one of the hooded figures: their hands. The BTS ARMY thinks they closely resemble Jimin’s.

Fans also had to do a double take near the 2:11 mark because they thought they saw J-Hope. The scene showed Suga up close before zooming out and revealing another Suga, and, because the first went further away from the camera, it almost looked like J-Hope was there instead.

Fans think the two Sugas are meant to represent his different "personas" he shares with the world.

The BTS ARMY is waiting in anticipation for the trailer’s behind-the-scenes clip so they can finally get some answers to their theories.

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