Watch Unvaccinated TikToker's Heartbreaking Final Video Warning Fans To Get Vaccinated Before Dying Of COVID

An unvaccinated TikToker’s desperate plea to followers to get the COVID vaccine ended up being her last video ever.

According to reports, Megan Alexandra Blankenbiller (above) died of COVID-19 just nine days after she made her final TikTok — a video urging viewers to get vaccinated so they “won’t end up in the hospital like me.”

Filmed from the 31-year-old’s hospital bed, the two-minute video showed the distraught content creator struggling to get her words out as she told viewers she “shouldn’t have waited” to get vaccinated.

Blankenbiller, who has more than 15,000 followers on TikTok, said that while she isn’t an anti-vaxxer, she held off on getting the vaccine right away because she wanted to do her “research” and get inoculated at the same time as her family members — something she later felt was “a mistake.”

On August 13, the Florida resident started to document her experience with COVID-19, which quickly saw her confined to a hospital bed. She said in one video:

“I’ve been here since early Friday morning, and all I’ve been hearing are the moans and screams of people in pain — people, I’m assuming, that have lost people that they love because I know what that’s like personally and what that sounds like.”

Blankenbiller’s family confirmed her death to WebMD, explaining the TikToker had finally scheduled a vaccination appointment with her mother and two sisters but tragically contracted the virus before she could get the shot.

The video (below) is extremely tough to watch, but it’s so important that others learn from Megan’s fatal mistake.

Our hearts go out to her loved ones.

PLEASE everyone, stop looking at this as some kind of political statement. Vaccinations have been around for decades. They save lives. Get the damn shot and stay safe!

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