Wendy Williams’ Son STILL Isn’t Speaking With Her Estranged Husband…

Wendy Williams‘ myriad family controversies are far from over — and at least one spurned family member is accusing her of playing a role in prolonging the drama.

Wendy’s estranged husband, Kevin Hunter Sr., has made “no headway” in patching up his relationship with the ex-couple’s now-adult son, Kevin Hunter Jr., after the pair got into a physical altercation several months ago amid Sr.’s prolonged split from Wendy.

According to sources close to the family who spoke to TMZ about the matter at hand, Kevin Sr. has apparently been trying to reconcile his relationship with the couple’s only son, only to be “getting iced out” by the younger man as the breakup fallout continues.

The icy relationship makes some sense, in all likelihood, as Kevin Jr. was previously arrested for assault after allegedly punching his father in the nose during an incident in which Sr. also reportedly put his son in a headlock at one point.

The incident, which took place in a New Jersey parking lot, was apparently over an argument about the divorce itself, and the fact that Sr. was demanding spousal support from Wendy.

There’s a kicker here, though: it’s not just the fact that Sr. and Jr. have a bad relationship at all — it’s that, according to sources, Sr. believes that Wendy herself is behind her son’s apparent disregard for wanting to settle things amicably with dad.

Per reports, Kevin Sr. believes that Wendy is the one who made the decision for Jr. to go “radio silent” and cut off his father altogether.

Hunter Sr. claims he’s committed to “fixing the relationship” with his son — though it remains to be seen whether he’ll get the chance. And while it’s not totally clear Wendy is actually pulling strings behind the scenes here, that’s at least the allegation that has been floating through back channels between the estranged ex-couple at this point in their high-profile breakup.

Drama, drama, drama!

What do U think about all of this, Perezcious readers?? Kevin Jr. has a point to be mad at dad over the assault allegations and police investigation, right?! At the same time… we can certainly understand how Kevin Sr. feels like the rug has been pulled out from under him — if Wendy is actually pulling strings and messing with their reconciliation.

Tough situation all around. Something tells us we certainly haven’t heard the end of this one!

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