Where are you going? Countryfiles Tom Heap taken aback by BBC colleagues farewell post

Tom Heap berates patio heaters amid soaring energy costs

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Countryfile star Tom Heap responded to a farewell post by a BBC colleague back in November, desperate to find out where they were going. He replied to a tweet by Marie Lennon, who hosts a show on BBC Radio Wiltshire.

Taking to her Twitter account, Marie told her 2,702 followers: “Said goodbye to my second home today. 

“The excellent @SueKinnear moves in Monday. 

“Thanks to all the listeners who, despite being strangers, feel like mates – magic how radio makes that happen.”

Confused, Tom, who boasts 12k followers, replied: “Where are you going?”

“Maternity leave!” explained Marie. 

A follower named Martin Kelly also asked Marie: “Do you plan to return following your leave?”

“If they’ll have me, yes!” she replied. 

Tom, who recently released his book 39 Ways To Save The Planet, has addressed fears that environmental issues would “turn off” telly viewers.

The 55-year-old admitted that over the past few years he had been deliberately encouraging BBC broadcasters to focus on the climate crisis.

He claimed that the moment climate change was mentioned they feared viewers could lose interest.

However, Tom explained that he noticed a shift in attitudes after Blue Planet aired in 2017.

“The moment you mention climate change people are going to switch off,” he told Express.co.uk.


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“It’s not that they were denying it, it’s just that they thought, let’s not put it in the shop window because it’s a bit of a turn off.

“Therefore they were reluctant to go mainstream on climate change.”

He went on: “I think in the last two years it has changed. I think it’s partly changed due to all of the fallout from Blue Planet Two, with the whales and mention of plastic waste.

“There’s something about climate change which has made people all of a sudden realise there’s a big audience out there who really care about environmental changes and we shouldn’t necessarily run scared from this kind of stuff.”

Tom explained that he urged show producers to mention the impact of climate change on Countryfile.

“I said, ‘We should include it in our programme,'” he commented.

“Countryfile has been a part of that change in saying where it’s right and editorially relevant, let’s make this front and centre.

“And partly because it’s becoming more evident with farmers and people who look after the land, suffering harsh weather and freak seasons they didn’t get before.”

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