Who Is Ryan On Matt’s ‘Bachelor’ Season? Here’s What To Know About The Newcomer

Just when you thought The Bachelor couldn’t get any more dramatic, the series introduced five new contestants mid-season. During the Jan. 25 episode, new cast members arrived at Nemacolin Resort (where Season 25 is filmed) to stir things up. While this is a pretty unprecedented move by way of the producers, it has introduced some noteworthy faces to Matt’s Bachelor season. Ryan, who is having her reality show debut during Week 4, is clearly a newbie you’ll want to keep your eye on.

Even though Matt was already bonding with 18 different women, adding in five new contestants was obviously the way to change the dynamic. As the current cast members watched the women exit the limo, they were angry, especially when newcomer Brittany made out with Matt as a greeting. And while Ryan didn’t ruffled feathers with a kiss, she did make her feelings for Matt crystal clear. "Oh my gosh," she shouted as soon as she hopped out of the limo. "You look so fine!"

For some, shouting about how hot someone looks might be scary, but the 26-year-old from Brooklyn definitely doesn’t shy away from a spotlight. As a professional dancer/choreographer, expressing herself is part of the job.

According to her ABC bio, "she’s worked incredibly hard to achieve success in the dance world and just like in any good routine, she is hoping to find a partner in life with whom she has undeniable chemistry." The self-proclaimed "dance artist" attended a scholarship program at New York City’s Alvin Ailey School and played a dancer in FX’s Pose.

Her time spent on-stage and in front of the cameras probably prepped her for dating on-screen, and it seems like Ryan knows what she wants by way of love. She’s "hoping to find a partner in life with whom she has undeniable chemistry" and who’s down to talk about more "than just work." Additionally, she "intends to only get married once," so if Matt’s her person, she’s not going to take any chances.

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