Winnie Harlow Reveals What She Weighed at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2018 & What She Weighs Today

Winnie Harlow is revealing how much she weighs now, how much she weighed when she walked in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show back in 2018, and how much she weighed in May of 2020.

If started when Winnie, 26, shared a meme that read, “I Never Returned Something I Bought Online, I Just Take The L And Keep It Pushing.” She added her own commentary, writing, “Bruh…tons of LLLLLL’s. Hella clothes that don’t fit. Bitch I thought I was my last year size..AHT AHT!! My booty said ‘it’s quarantine sis!!’”

Winnie then addressed her weight more with her fans in a video and showed her various sizes over the years.

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