Young Thugs Baby Mama Accuses Him of Ignoring Their Daughter Amid Her Hospitalization

The baby mama, who goes by @my3whatmatter1 on Twitter, claims that the YSL founder doesn’t ‘want to talk to [their daughter] and didn’t tell her happy [birthday].’

AceShowbizYoung Thug‘s baby mama recently called him out for allegedly being an absent father. The woman, who goes by @my3whatmatter1 on Twitter, accused the “Pick Up the Phone” rapper of ignoring their daughter amid her hospitalization.

Thug’s baby mama brought up the allegations on the blue-bird app. “I have been to the emergency room 5 times in one month because a child stress and having panic attack and asthma attack all because her daddy don’t want to talk to her and didn’t tell her happy [birthday],” she ranted.

“I’m so stressed out, it don’t have nothing to do with money cause I’m gone keep that and take care my kids,” she went on fuming. “I have cried all month like a sissy all my lashes gone and hair nappy but still I stand.”

Thug has yet to respond to the allegations. However, back in April 2021, one of his daughters, Mari Mego, publicly slammed him on social media. At that time, Mego wrote on Instagram Story, “I HATE MY DAD.” No further explanation or context was provided.

Some people have since speculated that the YSL Records founder might say “No,” to Mego. One person in particular opined, “Lmaoooo kids hate everybody when u tell them no.”

Others, on the other hand, assumed that it was Thug’s baby mama who made the post. “It’s the baby mama,” one convinced fan wrote in an Instagram comment. Echoing the sentiment, one other said, “The mama did this,” while another user believed, “her momma wrote that , that girl love her daddy.”

That aside, Thug has been happily engaged to Karlae. When opening up about their romance, Karlae told HotNewHipHop last August, “We got engaged and I was on the road with him for a long time.” She added, “I picked up a lot of my musical sense from him. We’ve been together for seven years and I’ve known him for seven years. We linked up in Miami and have been attached at the hip ever since.”

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