Zara Tindall got her driver’s license suspended for six months for reckless speeding

I consider myself a good driver. My car insurance goes down every year because I’m so consistently safe on the road. The last time I got stopped by a cop, it was because I made an illegal right turn and the cop let me go with a warning because my record was so clean (plus I looked cute that day). That being said, I speed all the time and I never get caught. The secret is knowing where the speed traps are and never speeding in a school zone. The secret is also not going overboard when you do speed: going 45 mph in a 35 mph zone? Acceptable and understandable. Barrelling through a quiet country road at 91 mph? ARE YOU JOKING? So it is with Zara Phillips-Tindall, who just got her driver’s license suspended:

Princess Anne’s daughter Zara Tindall has been handed a driving ban after speeding through the Cotswolds in her LandRover. The 38-year-old equestrian star and granddaughter of the Queen was caught going 91 mph close at Dartley Bottom in rural Gloucestershire last year. Mrs Tindall already had nine points on her licence for other driving offences, leading magistrates in Cheltenham to issue a mandatory six-month ban after imposing a further four points.

The wife of former Gloucester and England rugby back Mike Tindall did not attend court as she was in Australia, where she has been advised not to get behind the wheel. Through her lawyer she pleaded guilty to driving in excess of 70mph on the A417 near Cirencester on November 6th last year.

Barry Warburton, representing Mrs Tindall, told the court he had been instructed to speak on her behalf as she is abroad. He emphasised to the magistrates that in law Mrs Tindall should therefore not be deemed by the court to be absent from the proceedings. He said: “I’ve advised Mrs Tindall not to drive from today in Australia as any driving ban in the UK would affect her insurance in Australia.”

Prosecutor Farley Turner said: “Because Mrs Tindall already has nine points on her licence she was unable to accept a fixed penalty for this offence.” Roger Utley, chairman of the bench, announced that as well as the six months ban the court was fining Mrs Tindall £666 plus costs and a victim surcharge of £151 – making a total to pay of £817.

[From The Telegraph]

I don’t entirely understand the “points” system but it sounds like Zara has been caught doing all kind of reckless sh-t before this speeding incident. Maybe she’s the grandchild most like Prince Philip, at least on the road. I mean… I’m not trying to laugh it off at all. She sounds like exactly the kind of reckless driver who should not be on the road. She’s lucky that she didn’t hurt anyone.

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