13 Closet Organization Products I'm Buying After Binging Netflix's The Home Edit

13 Closet Organization Products I’m Buying After Binging Netflix’s The Home Edit

The joy I felt while watching all eight episodes of The Home Edit made me realize if I wasn’t a fashion editor, I would be a professional organizer. I smiled and felt peace as Clea and Joanna, the female power duo responsible for the home transformations, walked us through the four steps of organizing any space: edit, categorize, contain, and maintain.

Like many during shelter-in-place, I’ve found myself frustrated reevaluating the amount of items I’ve been able to accumulate over the years. Staring at large amounts of clutter has been overwhelming, but watching The Home Edit gave me the tools and hacks to finally complete all my projects, specifically my closet. I’ve been able to edit out about 30 percent of my clothing and accessories and now have a beautiful, color-coordinated closet with zones for work attire, weekend wear, and accessories. The show is packed with tons of solutions for small closets, big closets, and overflowing closets. Read through to see some of our favorite products used on the show and how to make them work for you and your space.

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