All the snacks UNDER 100 calories you’d actually want to eat – including Quavers, Haribo and Mars bars

JANUARY is usually the time to kick-start healthy eating habits, but if you were beginning to struggle after a month here’s a list of light snacks you’ll actually want to eat. 

One bloke has shared a list of treats under 100 calories, from chocolate to sweets and even crisps.

James shared his list of snacks to satisfy every craving on TikTok, as he wrote: “Snacks under 100 calories you actually want to eat.” 

He said: “If you’re feeling a bit of chocolate, Mars, Snickers, Twix, all for 99 calories. 

“If you want something a bit sweeter, Squashies 50 calories, Haribo’s 55. 

“If you’re looking for some crisps, Quavers are 86 calories, Pombears just 65 cals in a pack.

“If you’re craving biscuits I’ve got you. Maryland’s 99 cals, Party Rings 83, Jammie Dodgers just 88 calories. 

“If you fancy something a bit different – jelly for 10 cals, popcorn for just 53.” 

He confirmed every item he listed is available in most supermarkets, adding he grabbed all of his from Tesco. 

Just be sure to double check the serving size on the packet before you eat an entire bag of sweets. 

James’ long list of tasty snacks has gone down a treat online, with people who are trying to eat healthy and lose weight thanking him for his research. 

One person said: “I know what I’ll be getting for my next snacks.” 

Another wrote: “Thank you so much. I find this so helpful.” 

A third commented: “Getting party rings on my next trip to Tesco.” 

While someone else raved: “This is super helpful!! Thank you.” 

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