André Leon Talley Reminds Critics That Kamala Is Not Covering Vogue as a Fashion Star

Image Source: Vogue

When Vogue revealed its February issue with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on the cover, it immediately drew criticism, praise, and a whole lot of conversation all at once. As the first Black woman and first South Asian American woman sworn into either of the nation’s highest two offices, Kamala is making history. But for her first cover on the fashion magazine, many criticized the lighting and styling as diminishing the great power she represents, while others appreciated her staying true to her classic Converse style. On Jan. 12, fashion journalist and former American editor at large of Vogue André Leon Talley shared his thoughts on the highly discussed cover, and he raised some powerful points about the image our future VP is portraying.

André has been open about his experience with racism in the fashion world, but off the bat, he declared the cover as “GREAT. JUST GREAT! GREAT.” In an Instagram post featuring the full-body cover, he wrote: “She selected her personal wardrobe choices. Her work uniform with her ubiquitous Converse sneakers is aspirational. I predict it’s going to set a trend for all young women all over the world, are going to dress like Kamala Harris. Not everyone evolves wishing to be a screen star, or a music vixen, or a Kardashian beauty empress. There are girls who will see in this cover, something wonderful.”

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