At 43 I’m in better shape now than when I was 20 – my 8 key weight loss secrets

A MUM who says she is in better shape now at 43 than when she was in her twenties has revealed her key weight loss secrets.

Belinda Norton, from Queensland, Australia, says ditching excessive cardio training and eating more food has helped her shed over three stone.

The PE teacher, who now has 57,0000 followers on Instagram, was running, riding, swimming and training twice daily, as well as eating a healthy diet.

Yet, she admits at just 21 she had cellulite on her thighs and felt "embarrassed" – not wanting to show anyone her legs.

But she said that despite having two children and ageing two decades, she looks and feels even better now.

In an earlier post, she advised her followers to munch on vitamin-packed blueberries and a handful of almonds daily, spinach five times a week, oily salmon twice weekly and vegetables in every meal.

And she said not to be tempted to drink from straws, they "create wrinkles around your lips just like the cigarette epidemic," she warned.

Belinda also recommends swapping cardio for weight training, saying: "Please try less running. I have found excessive running to be counter productive to our best body shape."

Now, feeling proud of how far she has come, Belinda has shared the "eight truthful things" that helped her to change her body and mind health for life…

1. Life's too short

I realised life was extremely short with its opportunity and if I’m lucky I’ll have 80 years of life.

Currently I am over half way and I have zero regrets.

2. Own your choices

Health can not be bought so unless I do it – no one else can for me.

So I owned my choices with no more victim mentality as I chose the food, I chewed and swallowed and I sat on the lounge.

3. Prioritise diet over exercise

Food is way more important than exercise and water even more crucial for the skin and body function.

4. De-stress

Being stressed only takes good moments from our life; it steals our time and causes disease within the body.

5. Lift weights

Move your body with varying speed daily; lift weights regularly and always stretch.

6. Be grateful

Sleep soundly by stating two grateful moments as your head relaxes onto the pillow.

7. The sun always shines

The sun will give you energy and the sunrise will provide positivity even on the harshest heartbreaks.

8. Be yourself

Be unapologetically you; be honest, give back as often as you can and never doubt your abilities.

Anything is possible.

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