Beauty fans left bemused by video of woman getting eyebrow extensions, as they insist it’s so bad it must be a joke | The Sun

A VIDEO of a woman getting eyebrow extensions has left beauty fans stunned and confused.

The clip was shared to TikTok by the self-described 'Beauty King' Sal, as he wrote: "Omg, what’s your thoughts?"

In the footage, a woman was seen laying on a couch as some extraordinarily long extensions were attached to her brows.

Pulling the hair to show they were fully attached, the beauty tech then cut them to size.

However, the brows were still extremely hairy, thick and dark – with the longer hair towards the end of the brow.

People quickly took to the comments section to share their thoughts, with many insisting it must be a joke.

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"Is this a joke ? I hope it is," one wrote.

"Noooooo why ??!!??!! NOOOOOOO," another added.

"what?!" a third commented.

"It must be a joke."

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"at first it was bad, now it got worse haha omg," someone else laughed.

"I tried my best to trust the process," another wrote.

"Mmmmmmh that’s a nooo, and to think that I was trusting the process……" someone else added.

As another joked: "Omg, angry bird mood."

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