Beauty whizz tests antiwrinkle straw that stops lips from pursing as you sip but people are all saying the same thing | The Sun

FROM expensive creams and serums to pricey procedures, there are all sorts of ways people try to prevent signs of anti-ageing.

And one TikTok user named @lauren.erro, who often shares her beauty and skincare tips on social media, decided to put one of the more unique products to the test.

In a video shared online, Lauren can be seen testing out an anti-wrinkle straw.

"OK, this is so funny," she begins.

"This is a straw that's supposed to prevent you from pursing your lips when you take a sip.

"The whole point is because supposedly you get lip wrinkles when you use a straw, smoke cigarettes or purse your lips too much, so this is supposed to help with that."


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Lauren captioned the post: "These anti wrinkle straws are just too funny!"

The video has since racked up a whopping 3.4 million views and been flooded with comments online – with many people all saying the same thing.

"Life’s too short man," wrote one.

A second asked: "Can we live, can we liveee."

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A third urged: "Sis enjoy your drink, forget about wrinkles."

Meanwhile, a fourth pointed out: "That is just the darn silliest contraption known to man! How could it get funnier! Snort Too funny!!"

Elsewhere, others took the opportunity to reassure social media users that ageing is a perfectly natural process – and there's nothing wrong with it.

"Wrinkles are pretty and always will be," noted one. "It’s okay to age."

Another agreed: "So obsessed with not letting ourselves age like damn just lean into it, it’ll happen either way."

A third commented: "But why are people so afraid of ageing though?"

A further penned: "There’s nothing wrong with ageing girlies let’s remember that."

And one more added: "We’re gonna get wrinkles.. regardless of how bad you try not too."

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