Bloke who thought he could do better than his girlfriend creates her a Tinder profile – and is left very red-faced

A SMUG bloke who set out to prove that he could do better than his girlfriend was left extremely red-faced when it backfired beautifully – realising that she was actually quite the catch.

In what he claims to be a "joke", the man set up a Tinder profile for his girlfriend using photos of her, which swiftly proved popular with interested singletons.

Within one hour, her profile had racked up over 1,300 likes, according the the man, who later explained what he'd done online.

Realising he'd made a mistake after noticing how many blokes were interested in his girl, he began to grovel, even offering to "run her a bath, cook her dinner, fold the laundry and rub her feet."

The post appeared to be written on his personal Facebook account, but it's since been shared on various Instagram pages, as well as Twitter.

"Attention men," his post began before continuing: "If you're feelin' like you can do better than your girlfriend, create a Tinder profile with her pictures and see how many other men would be stoked to be in your shoes.

"I did it as a joke and my girlfriend has 1300 likes in an hour."

He went on to update his post has more blokes expressed interest in his girl.

"Update, she's at 1865 now, Ima paint her toenails and buy her a pony, " he said.

And joked: "Update, 2252 likes, anyone have any connection to purchase a baby cow?"

While it's not known how serious he was, people who saw the post didn't take to it well.

"Yeah maybe your tinder likes arent the best metric for measuring your value as a person/significant other… Just a thought," one person snubbed.

"If she loves you, there could be 10,000 men after her, wouldn’t matter…." said another.

While a third wrote: "Straight men: because only other men can tell them to value their girlfriend."

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