Bride-to-be mocked for showing off her engagement ring that ‘looks like a cyst’  – The Sun

A BRIDE-TO-BE’S engagement ring has been cruelly mocked online for looking like a “cyst”.

The woman shared a photo of the sparkler on Facebook and said that she designed the ring herself, and loves the large opal at the centre.

She wrote on a ring shaming group: “I love it. I designed it. I couldn’t be happier, but I love reading all your funny comments.”

And social media users certainly didn’t disappoint, and went to town with their critical responses.

One compared the ring to a large spot, and said: “We wearing and preserving cysts now?”

Another added: “Can I finish popping it?” and one agreed that it looked like a “pus filled boil.”

While many of the comments were mean and tore the woman’s design apart, there were some fans of the jewellery piece.

One wrote: “I love opals.”

And another person followed up by saying: “I adore the opal so much but I wouldn’t wear it.”

It’s not the first ring to disappoint social media users, with another one being posted that looked like “a bedazzled bootyhole”.

The woman shared a snap of the sparkler to the social media site, admitting that while she couldn't see 'anything wrong' with her relatives' ring, she wanted to hear what the group thought of it.

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And another bride was mocked for combining her and her fiance’s birthstones in engagement ring.

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