Bride’s £1k wedding dress mocked for looking like Ariel’s outfit when she crawls out of the ocean

A BRIDE’S £1,000 wedding dress has been mocked online and compared to Ariel’s washed-up outfit after she crawls out of the sea.

The white frock features a tulle skirt, with the sleeveless top half sporting a series of frills and pleats, with a belted design.

A snap of the gown – which is described as ‘alternative’- was shared to Reddit, where it was branded an “atrocity”.

As well as being compared to Ariel’s makeshift dress from The Little Mermaid, people also thought the frock resembled bed sheets and a loo roll holder.

Commenting online, one person joked: “Maybe she’s going for the look of Ariel when she gets out of the ocean.”

Another agreed, saying: “For when you want that ‘a sea witch just stole my voice and now I’ve washed up on a foreign kingdom’s beach with the solitary goal of wooing the prince’ look.”

A third said: “This is a look that really says ‘I Saw Project Runway One Time And Impulse-Bought A Sewing Machine’.”

Someone else thought: “This reminds me of when I was a kid and made outfits for my Barbies with toilet paper and rubber bands…”

Another person commented: “So awful! Immediately reminds me of those lace toilet roll holders that used to be popular in the old days.”

While this person added: “It looks like someone tried to fold their fitted sheets and lost.”

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