Britney Spears Just Gave A Tour Of Her Closet & It’s The Most Organized Thing EVER

There’s something exhilarating about having a neat and orderly closet. When apparel and accessories are tidy, visible, and reachable, getting dressed or planning an OOTD is so much easier. A day after excitedly debuting her new haircut and color, Britney Spears showed off her organized closet to her loyal (and 22 million strong) Instagram followers. The short and sweet video just might inspire you to cancel all of your weekend beach plans in favor of diving into your closet to fold, store, and organize the things you wear and to donate the things you don’t. It’s never too late to engage in some late spring cleaning.

In the clip posted on June 13, Spears gave a quick, guided tour of her newly color-coordinated closet. Granted, it wasn’t a Marie Kondo makeover or full of Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers. Nor did Spears roll up her sleeves and clean out her giant walk-in on her own or with a little help from her sons Preston and Jayden. Still, she was understandably thrilled about how the housekeepers arranged her clothes by color, type, print, season, and style.

Spears, looking so summer-ready in cut-off denim shorts and an off-the-shoulder floral top, cheerfully exclaimed, "Guys, I just got home! Guess what the housekeepers just did to my closet?" She then filmed each corner of her well-sorted closet, saying, "All whites, color organization! All bright, all flowers, all hoodies, all blue, all black, all red, all black, all nighties, all winter, sweats, jackets."

It almost felt like you were browsing the racks at a carefully curated vintage store while Spears spotlighted rows upon rows of clothes.

If there is only one thing to take away from this peek into Britney Spears’ massive closet, it’s that she has a lot of clothing. But that’s to be expected. She is both a pop and fashion icon who has worn plenty of memorable ensembles throughout her career. Everything is now right at her fingertips and easy to find. Perhaps it will inspire the singer to pull out some of her classic outfits from the ’90s or ’00s and re-wear them in additional Instagram videos.

The closet tour also offers fans an intimate glimpse into Spears’ life and world. The singer has spent the majority of 2019 attending to personal and professional matters. She tabled her Las Vegas residency in November of last year, has dealt with her father’s illness, and eventually checked into a mental health facility in April to take care of herself. These events have caused the Britney Army to express its collective concern for the singer’s overall well-being. However, Spears’ recent videos, whether showing off fresh highlights and layers or a revamped closet, allow fans to enjoy some personalized access to her. The Spears faithful is clearly loving these sneak peeks, because both videos have been viewed a combined total of six million times. These inside looks make the connection between the pop star and her adoring public even "Stronger."

Ultimately, Britney Spears’ closet video is total organization goals. It’s a good idea to stay tuned to her Instagram feed for future fun clips like this.

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