Bullies have called me fat my whole life, it used to hurt me but now I beat them at their own game | The Sun

A PLUS sized model has told how she used 'fat' insults that she faced throughout her life to fuel her catwalk career.

Jennifer Querns, 33, entered the Miss Voluptuous Scotland pageant in 2020 in defiance against the bullies who were so rude to her growing up.

The microbiologist, from Glasgow, admits the cruel jibes used to cut deep.

But now she's managed to flip the script and embrace her curves.

Jennifer says: "The insult 'fat' used to be a stab to my heart until I either watched a programme or read an article and realised 'Oh, it's true, it's just a fact, I am fat but it's not necessarily derogatory.'

"So I got used to it and in my mind I was like 'Wow you have eyes.'

"As a result, any other insults wash off me. They try to get under your skin so it frustrates others when you own what you have.

"With being an adult however, people can be more mindful and understanding, but can also be a lot more cruel.

"My advice would be you are always a work in progress, so any negativity can be used to make yourself stronger.

"Try to beat them at their own game. Nothing frustrates bullies more than when they can see that nothing works on you.

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"Even if it does, don’t show it. Then take some time for yourself and do some self-care. Your body does not define nor negate your amazing personalities."

Unfortunately, Jennifer, who is single, believes there's still a stigma against curvy women in the dating scene.

Whilst she also reckons some folk simply hate seeing people who are overweight happy.

She adds: "I do think there is still prejudice within the dating circles, more so in girls but guys can feel the prejudice also.

"Societal norms are a big problem when it comes to the perception of curvier and larger women both in the media and film.

"The love interest is never the curvier girl; we are the comic relief. The first film I remember ever putting a curvy girl in the forefront and in a romantic role is Dumpling on Netflix.

"Having been in pageantry and as a large lady this really spoke to me and told me there are love interests for curvy women.

"However, I feel like I have to fight past the fat to get my personality felt.

"The majority of people I do think hate seeing larger people happy because they are perceived as comic relief, not worthy or something to put down to make yourself feel better.

"I am lucky that my family and friends show me how worthy I am and I am far more confident than I was five years ago.

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"Ultimately it shouldn’t matter what anyone thinks, be it fat or skinny, as long as you are happy, healthy and confident in yourself and you know your worth.

"What anyone else says or thinks, it just points out that the bully needs to work on themselves first before coming at anyone else."

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