Capricorn horoscope: What your star sign has in store for May 9 – 15


DEC 22 – JAN 20

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Communication blocks can unlock as the godfather planet  moves on.  And a voice you’ve really missed is preparing to come back into your life.

Yes, this may be your own. Prizes link to silver circles, and an “M” team – but your best asset this week is your Venus ability to handle work and home issues in calm, confident ways. Others instinctively trust you.

DESTINY DAYS: Take time on Tuesday and Wednesday to look at a set of
numbers again.  Passion is everywhere on Saturday, and high-vis clothing
is a clue.

MAKE THIS THE WEEK YOU… Let yourself be spontaneous, don’t plan meals or days until the last minute.  Say “yes” to a chance to join a sampling or testing team.

JUMPING JUPITER! So many elements that have stopped you writing or
saying what you really feel, are disappearing now as Jupiter moves to
your chart of reaching out and joining in.

You can connect with anyone, anywhere, and find out facts fast, if that’s what you need.  You can also appreciate how powerful and positive your own mind can be – and work to keep it that way, no matter what. 

Rearranging letters into new words, or speaking out loud what someone else has written, can all be lucky.

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