Catherine Zeta-Jones, 51, Hula-Hoops In A Striped Bikini By The Pool Watch

Catherine Zeta-Jone showed off her fabulous figure when she hula-hooped in a striped bikini.

If there’s one thing for sure about Catherine Zeta-Jones, 51, it’s that she has a stunning figure and she showed it off in her latest Instagram post. The actress posted a video of her in a black and white striped bikini while hula-hooping by the pool in Mallorca. She accessorized her look with a visor and a pair of sunglasses.

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Catherine posted the video with the caption, “I’m in a twist!” with a crying laughing emoji. In the video, Catherine moved her hips extremely fast to the song ‘Let’s Twist Again’ by Chubby Checker. She moved her body perfectly along with the music, showing off her athletic figure.

This isn’t the first time that Catherine showed off her athleticism in a sexy video. Back in July, she posted another video of herself in a black one-piece swimsuit while she stretched on a yacht. Catherine laid out a red towel and showed off her impressive skills as she effortlessly folded her body like a pretzel, putting her toned legs, arms, and core on full display. While she stretched she rocked a halterneck black swimsuit that was lowcut on the sides. Catherine captioned the video, “Easy like Sunday morning.”

Catherine has been spending her entire summer in Europe and all of her outfits have been amazing. Just a few weeks ago she looked stunning in a white mini dress while on the beach in Ibiza. Catherine looked super stylish in a sheer white linen mini dress with long, flouncy sleeves, covered in pretty red and blue embroidery.

The cover-up featured a low-cut V-neckline and a belt that was decorated with fun and colorful tassels. She topped her look off with a gray leather Stella McCartney logo bag, silver glitter slides, and a straw hat.

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