Cleaning fanatic shares easy way she gets her grimy bathroom tiles sparkling in minutes leaving others stunned

A MUM-OF-TWO was desperate to get her grotty bathroom tiles clean after moving into a rental that was less than ideal.

Straight away she got to work on a homemade solution that completely transformed the look of her tiles – and people are blown away by the result.

Rather than relying on chemicals to get the job done, Carey Barling, from Queensland, Australia,  mixed together hot water, sugar soap and washing up liquid – and her tiles were gleaming in minutes.

Proud of her efforts, Carey shared before and after snaps online, which quickly won the praise of cleaning-obsessed mums.

Explaining her approach, Carey said she used a handheld scrubbing brush instead of a mop to achieve the impressive sheen, according to Daily Mail Australia.

She said: "I used a bit of a scrubby scrub, not with a long-handled floor scrub. I feel like it doesn't do as good of a job as I do on my hands and knees."

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The comments rolled in with many saying "so satisfying", "top job" and "you should be proud, looks stunning".

One woman said: "This is amazing! Like a completely different floor."

And another added: "Fantastic job! Pity it was in such an awful state to begin with."

While a third raved: "'What a difference a little scrubbing does – look how beautiful the grout came up."

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