Cleaning fanatic stunned after scrubbing her sofa 11 times – so just how dirty is yours?

SECOND-HAND furniture can save you a tonne of money.

But they do often need fixing, a through clean or even mending and overhauling completely whilst some pieces only need polishing or painting.

For this vintage fan she found out the hard way that washing a second-hand sofa can be endless.

In a Tiktok which has over 16 million views, showing her washing her huge sofa throughly three times, the water that came out of it was still the colour of 'chocolate milk' as she said.

She has so far shared three videos of her cleaning the old couch and is now on her sixth round of cleaning it as she is 'cleaning her couch until the water runs clear.'


Her second sofa cleaning Tiktok has 2.2 million views and hundreds of comments from fans asking for another sofa cleaning video.

Cecilia posted a third sofa cleaning Tiktok on December 16 which is 2 minutes 20 seconds long and shows her on rounds 8 to 11 of cleaning the fabric furniture.

"This is looking better I think," she wrote, before showing slightly less dirty water that she says is: "Good enough for me."

In a Q&A Tiktok she shared how: "everyone was telling me to throw it out."

She explained that she had just moved to an expensive city and she had to choose between a new mattress or a new couch and chose to invest in a new mattress.

She also struggled to find a sofa that she liked in the shops but for viewers who really wanted the same sofa she shared where they could for $2,739.95

Cecilia said: "I do not have money for a new couch that's why I bought it second hand."

"This is both my dream and nightmare. Love a good bissell clean," wrote one fan.

To clean the sofa she is using the Little Green Bissell machine that is available on amazon and other shops.

She recommends it but also says she has one which is too small for her couch so it takes her even longer to clean it.

Cece is using a little bit of detergent and fabric softener to clean the sofa but for her third Tiktok on the sofa cleaning she chose to use only water rinses on the fabric.

"I think it's the fabric dye?" Thought one commenter as a way to explain the buckets of filthy water coming out of the sofa.

Some concerned commenters even suggested she is pulling out the dye or colour of the couch, to which she replied: "I dont know but i really highly doubt it because the material of the couch is chenille, a polyester based material.

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"Polyester is plastic and typically plastic fabrics don't bleed or stain as easily."

Some wondered why she doesn't take the covers off and put them in a washing machine

"I just unzip the covers and wash them. Do not put in dryer." said a commenter

Cecilia explained that she doesnt take off the covers and wash them in a washing machine but she explained that they do not come off.

Ultimately viewers were wondering how she has the patience and time for the mammoth job, to which she replied: "I don't. I'm using all my free time right now."

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