Cleaning-mad woman scrubs her ex-boyfriend’s filthy house from top to bottom while he’s on holiday with new girlfriend

LET'S be honest – we find it challenging enough to muster the motivation to clean our own homes… yet alone tidy someone else's.

But for TikTok star Auri Kananen, cleaning is something she enjoys so much that she'll happily do it FREE – and she even tidies for her ex-boyfriend.

Earlier this year, the social media star shared a video of her cleaning her ex's home from top-to-bottom while he was on holiday with his new girlfriend.

At the start of the video, Auri explained how he initially asked for help cleaning his dirty balcony.

But once she'd thrown herself into the task, the cleaning obsessive couldn't help herself.

During her cleaning spree, Auri ended up reorganising his cutlery drawer, his wardrobe and kitchen cupboards.

She wrote: "Once I got started, I couldn't stop. So I ended up organising his whole house!"

The 27-year-old also folded his towels into the shape of swans and left them on his bed before making her signature toilet roll bow.

On top of this, she wiped down his houseplants and decluttered his kitchen before calling it a day.

The video has racked up over 650,000 "likes" – and people in the comments were amazed why Auri even agreed to it at all.

One replied: "If I came back to a boyfriend's apartment and his ex had reorganised the place while we were away I'd be…"

Another added: "Everyone is so focused on you tidying your ex's house. How about how did he get away with it in such a mess? Girl, you got a lucky escape."

A third wrote: "[His mess] explains why he was an ex…"

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