Cleaning whizz shares top tip to keep your toilet smelling amazing… but everyone's saying the same thing | The Sun

A CLEANING whizz has shared an easy, effective way to keep your toilet smelling amazing.

And all you need is a bottle of Zoflora!

The woman took to her Aesthetically In Home TikTok page to post her tip, as she used a cotton wool ball to absorb some of the Zoflora disinfectant.

She then used the wet cotton ball to wipe around the inner cardboard tube of a toilet roll.

"This is your sign to start adding Zoflora to your toilet rolls," she wrote over the clip.

"Keeps your bathroom smelling so fresh," she added in the caption.

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And while her video was watched over 112,000 times, people in the comments section weren't quite as convinced by the hack.

"Don’t think I’d like any chemical fumes near my noonie," one hilariously wrote.

While another added: "And give yourself thrush in the process …"

Someone else kept it simple with their comment, which just read "No".

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"Then it soaks through the cardboard onto the toilet roll, no thanks," another comment read.

The woman frequently shares cleaning tips and hacks on her TikTok page, and recently admitted she's "obsessed" with the bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar trick.

First, she sprinkles bicarbonate of soda over the sink, before adding white vinegar.

The combination of the two makes a foam, and cleans the surface in the process.

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"Love it but it stinks," one commented, to which she replied: "True I hate the smell!!

"I usually do a little spray of a nice smelling disinfectant after."

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