Couple spend £33k doing up their garden but people think it looks ‘boring’

A COUPLE who spent £33,000 doing up their garden have been slated by viewers, who think the finished result looks "boring".

Chartered accountant Laura and high street fashion supplier Demi live in a large four-bed house in Bushey, Herts, with their three daughters.

But they were fed up of their outdoor space, which featured an imposing conifer bush and only a small corner for the girls to play in, so sought the help of BBC 2's Your Garden Made Perfect. 

The couple used award-winning garden designer Helen Elks-Smith's plan but ended up going £8,000 over their £25,000 budget.

And viewers of Thursday night's show were far from impressed with the finished look.

One tweeted: "'It’s all very pretty in a boring sort of way, but I’m failing to see where the £25k is going.

"Well – on the designer’s enormous fee I suppose #yourgardenmadeperfect."

While a second said: "A garden is not another room. It is a garden, an outside space. There. I’ve said it. #yourgardenmadeperfect."

Others were distraught they chopped down a monkey puzzle tree in the garden – saying: "Could they not have moved or donated the money puzzle tree… such a waste to chop it down".

On the decision, Helen said: "It had to go, sadly. It was a good decision, it was definitely the right decision for you because it gave you a garden.

"But it was difficult, it is something you really have to think about, taking a tree out."

Helen planted a Japanese maple tree instead, which is smaller and slow growing.

The couple were delighted with the work. Demi said: "Laura and I, we used to sit on the steps, get bored and go back in.

"This garden has given us a way that we can all go out and be together."

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